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Our organization is defined by one simple word – passion. Everything is geared to providing you a great guest experience in a unique environment, and being served by our team of professionals in a way that makes you stop and say, “This place is different.”

Our hotels are not meant to appeal to everyone. Each hotel is meant to have its own unique personality. Tides is meant for the guest that desires a laid back, flip flop, t-shirt stay at the beach. The Vendue will appeal to anyone looking for a stay in a historic inn but surrounded by thought provoking contemporary art. Read House is for those looking to step back in time and feel like they are attending a Great Gatsby party.

There are a lot of great hotels out there in the world, but what differentiates the great from the best is how the guest feels when they leave. Are you more inspired than when you arrived? Did we introduce you to some new experience you might not have otherwise tried? Did you make a new friend in one of our team members? Did we make you smile?

“To us, a hotel is more than just how pretty the building is or how comfortable the bed is. A hotel is a place where you always feel like the guest of honor at a grand celebration.”

To us, a hotel is more than just how pretty the building is or how comfortable the bed is. A hotel is a place where you always feel like the guest of honor at a grand celebration. You can go anywhere for a hot shower, a nice meal, and a restful night sleep. At our hotels, we empower every member of our team to make you feel special. Those are not just words to be typed on a page, but a daily reminder to everyone that you are the absolute most important person. Our passion is making you happy. Period.

We are very selective in hotels that we want to join our family. There must be something unique and inspiring that will help us stand out among the crowd. But the building or location is just the starting point. The building only truly comes to life when we fill it with like-minded team members who have a passion for treating people with respect and have a knack for making you smile.

We believe that creating a unique and fun environment allows our teams members to also have fun. If work is not fun, then it is just a job. Some hotel companies require all employees to interact with guests in accordance with “company policy”. We do not subscribe to that philosophy. People are not robots and neither should our team members. While always remembering our goal of making you happy, each team member is free to interact with you in a manner that works best for their personality. We have found that that provides you genuine hospitality.

People have asked us why we have not simply perfected one model of hotel and then just duplicated it in other cities. The answer is simple. It would not be fun and the experience would not be genuine. For example, The Vendue hotel has been very well received as a hotel dedicated to contemporary art. That works for Vendue because it is situated in the historic French Quarter of Charleston and surrounded by 72 art galleries. That may not work in another city where we find a unique hotel opportunity. Our hotels are always grounded in what makes sense for its surroundings. You can’t force it. The hotel knows what it wants to be and the experience is dictated by making sure our team members are just as passionate about.

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Jon Weitz

Founder & CEO

Ken Merkel

General Manager, The Read House

Dale Huggins

Chief Financial Officer

Rod Gerber

Director of Development, Construction & Design

Wesley Bloomfield Sang

Director of Strategic Planning 

Kris Altman
Kris Altman

Chief Marketing Officer

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From Charleston, SC to Chattanooga, TN, Avocet Hospitality is comprised of independent boutique hotels and unique restaurants. Each property is diverse and designed to provide an experience that is true to the locale.

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