Avocet Hospitality Group

Who We Are

Our organization is defined by one simple word – passion. Everything is geared to providing you a great guest experience in a unique environment, and being served by our team of professionals in a way that makes you stop and say, “This place is different.”

What we do

We believe that creating a unique and fun environment allows our teams members to also have fun. If work is not fun, then it is just a job. Some hotel companies require all employees to interact with guests in accordance with “company policy”. We do not subscribe to that philosophy. People are not robots and neither should our team members. While always remembering our goal of making you happy, each team member is free to interact with you in a manner that works best for their personality. We have found that that provides you genuine hospitality.

People have asked us why we have not simply perfected one model of hotel and then just duplicated it in other cities. The answer is simple. It would not be fun and the experience would not be genuine.


Our Team

Our philosphy is to work hard, but have fun doing it. Our team offers years of hospitality expertise and we pride ourselves on providing a unique experience at each of our properties.

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