When it comes to our property investments,
we don’t just put skin in the game.

We put body, mind, heart, soul, and every visceral emotion on the human spectrum. Because hospitality is more than thread count and water pressure. It isn’t just skin deep. Hospitality is something you feel deep beneath the surface.

Hospitality is a story better told aloud. It’s an ephemeral performance that, like any good story, is rooted in risk-taking and vulnerability. Let’s not forget the whole reason our industry exists: because no matter the motive for travel––be it work, play, or somewhere in between––people need to feel at home when they are far from their own.

Hospitality is storytelling.

Stories are the vehicles that get us from one location in life to the next, helping us to both draw and share conclusions. Over the years, we’ve sought out opportunities that challenge us not just to develop better stories, but to tell them more effectively. Stories that spark joy, provoke thought, inspire adventure, instill peace, but above all build trust. Trust builds when stories are honestly told and accurately heard.

While our varied experience across the hospitality industry makes us more than capable, it is this insatiable desire to dig deeper that makes us competitive.

We want to hear your story. And then we want to help you tell it.

What We Do

contractor showing exterior of building to management


Discerning | Committed | Prophetic

At Avocet, we don’t look for new projects. We look for potential. We’ve read enough pages and been told enough tales to know when we’ve come across something different. Something special. We find these opportunities by seeing not what is, but what could be. And we don’t just bring our imaginations. We bring our resources, our expertise, our leadership, and our capital to breathe life into stories too good to go untold.

two designers reviewing design inspiration plans


Functional | Deliberate | Intrinsic

According to Michelangelo, every block of stone already has a statue inside of it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it. As hoteliers, we see a hotel’s brand as the narrative trapped within. Avocet’s core skill is in excavating these stories and revitalizing them to be enjoyed by today’s traveler. We understand that travelers want a departure from the script of everyday life, a place where they can still invent a new persona, a new past, a new destination. What makes Avocet different is that not only do we have an eye for the statue, we already have the chisel in hand. Our team of Design and Construction project managers work with our partners from ground breaking to grand opening to make sure the best parts of your story are revealed.

server delivering dish to seated dining guest


Empowered | Adaptive | Meritocratic

When it comes to your property’s story, employees must be the first audience. How can you expect an employee to retell a story to guests that they themselves have never heard? Every good idea will eventually be replicated, but people will always be a hotel’s competitive advantage. We at Avocet are united under a common goal: to create fulfilling, meaningful experiences–not just for guests, but for employees as well. It’s about finding the right balance between guiding employees to be true to the brand and empowering them to be true to themselves. To do this, we’ve invested in a dynamic professional environment and culture that is aligned with the values of the modern workforce.

Avocet Forte Concept Diagram


+ Property Appraisal
+ Market Repositioning
+ Structural Revitalization

+ Feasibility Reporting
+ Financial ProFormas
+ Project Budgeting

+ Management Agreements
+ Asset Consulting & Management
+ 365-Day Launch Plan


+ Financial Analysis
+ Underwriting
+ Budgeting

+ Permitting & Construction Management
+ Design Consultation
+ Purchasing

+ Branding and Positioning
+ Sales Readiness & Demand Generation
+ 365-Day Launch Plan


+ Leadership Oversight & Training
+ Guest Experience
+ Brand Purchasing

+ Revenue Management & Optimization
+ Sales Readiness & Demand Generation
+ Results-Driven Marketing

+ Information Technology
+ Accounting & Financial Reporting
+ Strategic Advisory

Our Portfolio

From Charleston, SC to Chattanooga, TN, Avocet Hospitality is comprised of independent boutique hotels and unique restaurants. Each property is diverse and designed to provide an experience that is true to the locale.

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