Bridgeman’s Chophouse

This classic, upscale chophouse is named after Peter Bridgeman (aka “Peter Rabbit”).  Mr. Bridgeman was one of the most well-known employees of The Read House for 47 years.  He served locals and visitors alike and almost never forgot a name or a face.  The restaurant was named in his honor for his dedication to guests of The Read House and will open October 23, 2018.


The Read House – 107 W MLK Blvd, Chattanooga, TN 37402
(423) 266-4121


Coming Soon.


Coming Soon.

Peter “Rabbit” Bridgeman

“Across the country, those who had heard of The Read House knew of the legendary Peter Rabbit. He served and charmed hotel and dining guests for 47 years. His tireless dedication to hospitality, attention to detail, and speed, still serve as an exemplary model for all employees. His service and impeccable reputation are honored in the naming of this very restaurant, Bridgeman’s Chophouse.”

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