Kris Altman

Chief Marketing Officer



Kris Altman joined Avocet Hospitality in 2019 as Chief Marketing Officer after previous roles with Charlestowne Hotels and Starwood Hotels. With over 10 years of hospitality marketing experience, Kris has excelled in marketing for new development, asset repositions and strategic campaign planning for numerous brands and independent hotels which have included Graduate Hotels, St. Regis Aspen, Fairlane Hotel, Spectator Hotel and Hotel Clermont. As a native Charlestonian, Kris holds a B.A. in Communications from College of Charleston, and enjoys golfing, fishing, college football and craft beer. In recent years, he tends to spend most of his free time with his wife and young daughter, Caroline. 

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Kris Altman
Kris Altman

Chief Marketing Officer

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